The income of truckers, and especially those who work as solo drivers, depends on the amount of cargo they carry. If you are wondering “How do I book loads for truck drivers?”, and also how to do it more efficiently and more profitably, this article is for you.

How Do I Book Loads for Box Trucks?

Independent drivers usually own small vehicles such as box trucks. To find a load for themselves and make a profit, they can use several ways.

Booking Loads Offline

Offline cargo search is one of the traditional ways. In the world of modern technology, it can seem ancient and ineffective. However, for small truck owners or drivers who travel short distances around their city of residence, it works well. So how to find loads without the Internet? First, it is worth researching local manufacturing companies. Perhaps they need a reliable carrier. Then you have a little left to do — call the administrator or visit the office in person, offering your services. The second way is to attend various industry events. These can be conferences and exhibitions related to products that suit you as a carrier. For example, if you own a refrigerated truck, visit food and beverage industry events.

Where to Book Loads Online

If you want to book cargo online, use special platforms — load boards. On these websites, representatives of logistics companies, manufacturing companies, or freight brokers post ads about the goods that need to be transported. The only inconvenience is that load boards can have thousands of such ads and it is difficult to quickly find a load that suits you. But this problem can be solved using a special extension. For example, if you use Amazon Relay, try LoaDoctor. There are various filters that help to book appropriate cargo with one-click. You can choose the destination, work type, date, cost, etc. The extension is capable of 10 times speeding your work. By the way, load boards are the answer about how to book loads on the weekend. Working online you are not limited in time.

How to Book Loads for Trucks Fast and Easy

There are several ways to make your cargo booking even easier. They are suitable for both experienced truckers and beginners.

What Do I Need to Book Loads from a Broker: Dealer’s Duties

Cooperation with a freight broker is one of the simplest ways to find cargo for yourself. Since, in fact, he takes over all the work. The dealer is responsible for communicating with companies that need to transport goods. He must understand the needs of the enterprise and what will suit its needs the best. Usually, brokers already have a list of regular customers. The intermediary’s function is to find for these customers a reliable carrier with the necessary experience and with the right truck and equipment. Therefore, if you want to work with a freight broker, you must prove to him that you are just such a carrier: reliable, responsible, experienced. Keep your truck in good condition, be punctual, and provide recommendations.

Beginners’ Guide: How to Book Loads

If you are just starting your career as a solo driver and facing difficulties while searching and booking cargo, LoaDoctor is a necessity for such truckers. It is the best solution for beginners as well as for experienced truckers. All you have to do — install the Google Chrome extension and visit the Amazon Relay website. You will get thousands of cargoes at your disposal that are waiting to be booked. With the help of special filters, you can select the type of loads that suit you by destination and desirable departure date. Just set the required parameters and wait 3 seconds while LoaDoctor searches. Choose the load transportation cost and get the most profitable deal among thousands of others. You can work with the extension whenever you like — at home or even during a rest stop on the road. LoaDoctor independently updates the load board, optimizes work, and if fresh loads appear in the list, it notifies you with a sound signal or visual notification. Using the extension, you will never travel with an empty trailer and lose money. It is a great way to earn more from your trucking business both for experienced drivers or beginners. LoaDoctor helps to overtake your opponents, finish your daily tasks faster, work less, and get bigger income.

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