LoaDoctor Helps to Book Loads: Price and Profit

Trucking plays an essential role in the American economy. Today, there are various logistics companies, large fleet owners, freight brokers, and independent truckers on the market.

All of them are powerful competition with each other. The nimble and fastest ones get more profit.

Therefore, it is essential to invest in tools to overtake opponents and get the most money-making deals.

Then on unique online platforms, you can book your loads. The price for such an assistant is worth the received income.

per month
  • Blazing-fast page auto refresher
  • Personal filters: date, departure, arrival time, departure, price
  • Sound and visual notifications
  • Fast cargo booking
  • Possibility to find the most profitable deals instantly
per year, save $99,90!
  • Blazing-fast page auto refresher
  • Personal filters: date, departure, arrival time, departure, price
  • Sound and visual notifications
  • Fast cargo booking
  • Possibility to find the most profitable deals instantly
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Multiple platforms supported

Automatically booking of the load

Increased speed of the page refresh

Sound alerts

Works for any browser and device: Mobile and Desktop

Distribution planning

Load Book for Truck Drivers: Price Influencing Factors
Today there are not so many useful tools and extensions for truckers. Nevertheless, they have a lot of advantages to booking cargos.
What factors influence their costs?
What LoaDoctor Price Includes
If you prefer using such a platform as Amazon Relay, LoaDoctor is an excellent solution for you. It is the extension for online truck load booking. What can you get paying only $ 49.99 per month? The extension has a variety of advantageous filters that work automatically. You need to set all the required parameters that meet your demands. You can set a destination filter and see all available cargos in chosen area. Also you can choose a desirable date and departure and arrival time. This function helps to filter a thousand ads and find exactly what you need. LoaDoctor price also includes a super-fast automatic page refresher — due to it, you do not miss any money-making deal. Besides, for this, there are notifications: sound and visual ones. The extension is designed for the Google Chrome browser.
LoaDoctor is a Worth Way of Booking Loads: Price Filter
LoaDoctor is a super useful extension for lorry load booking online. Cost also provides another cool function that directly influences the possible income. Here you can set such a filter as a price and a price per mile. Why do you need it? Cargo transportation does not only bring profit. Each mile traveled also means certain expenses: for fuel, maintenance, etc. If you have all information on how much you spend on servicing your vehicle, seeing the value of goods, full or per mile, you can calculate the potential income. And then — to understand whether it is profitable for you to transport specific loads. Thus, for only $ 49.99 per month, LoaDoctor helps to save your time for unlucrative deals and book loads with prices that are worth your effort and maintenance expenses.
Profitable Booking Loads for Trucks: Cost vs Received Income
What would you choose: pay $ 49.99 per month and regularly get multiplied income or spend a lot of effort and time to find at least one profitable deal? The LoaDoctor extension is a unique and powerful assistant for load booking online. The price for it is worth the received money. Due to the extension functions, you can overtake your opponents quickly. While they spend days searching for cargo that suits their possibilities and needs, you book dozens of money-making deals. LoaDoctor keeps you informed of all newly added loads by notifications. You do not have to refresh the page of the load board again and again mutually — just set filters, wait several seconds and book the most gainful cargos in one-click.
Work Assistant for Multiple Platform
Whether you are a solo trucker looking for loads for yourself or a freight broker looking to find more great deals, you will likely use multiple platforms and load boards. These are the most popular and easiest ways to find goods for transportation and book load. The price for such goods can be different, so each user can find what is beneficial for him. The problem with such websites is that there are too many ads, and it is not always possible to find what you need quickly. Therefore, when we talk about the cost of auxiliary applications, it is justified by useful functions. These features optimize work with load boards and help you earn 100 times more than the cost of the tool.
Buy for $49.99 per month, or get yearly subscription for 41$ per month now!